300 Dollars For A Car Wash?

car wash

Would you pay 300 dollars for a car wash?  I did, but not on purpose.  

I was operating at peak efficiency yesterday, it was one of those days where everything just comes together.  Mind and body working together like clockwork.  I was flying through my to do list so quickly that I started adding stuff.  

I figured hey, why not throw in a car wash for my dusty little beast that was tucked away all winter in my safe and secure underground parkade.

Then it hit me.  With rain in the forecast why pay for a car wash?  I can just park it outside and let mother nature save me some time and money.  

Donald, you are brilliant (and cheap) I thought to myself.  Man was this day going great.

I slept well last night.  I earned it.

I slept so well that I didn’t hear a group of drunk guys fighting in the street.

I slept so well that I didn’t even hear the sound of smashing glass as a large rock crashed through a car window.

I slept so well that I didn’t hear the cops call to inform me that the smashing glass and the drunken asshole with the rock were actually my problem.

vandalized car

Today I don’t seem so brilliant.  My free car wash turned into a 300 dollar insurance deductible and it didn’t even rain so the damn car’s still dirty.

Recap:  I am a cheap well rested loser with a dirty car.   


I think that I’ll just leave the rock in the back seat forever.


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