Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, I Am Don Rogers




This blog is all about pretending that I am

                                       more intelligent



     better looking


            more creative

                                       more aware         



                                                             and better in bed …

                                                                                                              Than I Actually Am

My Stats:

Stripper Name:  Muffin Marlena

Accomplishments: Fastest sperm in divisional race.

Attributes:  Good under pressure. (see above)

Handsome and talented

Fantastic wordsmith, taking particular pride in speling and. punctuation,

Aka:  Big Don Rogers, Uncle Big Fat Don, Moose Jr., Turtle, Mr. Rogers

Hobbies:  Stand up Comedy, Long Distance Running, Beer

Dons Philosophy:  Keep it simple, enjoy the moment and have fun.

Dons Reality:  Uptight, guilt ridden and totally lacking in life skills and self esteem.


Enjoy the site,  Don

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