Beatles Reunion Concert

the beatles

It would appear that a Beatles reunion concert may be in the works.  Rumour has it that the two dead members of the band, John and George, have been waiting patiently for Paul and Ringo to bite the big one so that they can get it all started.

Paul and Ringo seem eager for the reunion concert, except of course, for the part where they have to die.  

This seems to be stumbling block in the plans as Ringo was quoted as saying “No, no, no, no, I aint dying for this, I’m happy waking up on the earth,” and Paul says that he will only go if Yoko isn’t there.  

That really doesn’t give them a lot of time as Yoko is over eighty and looks like she could go any minute.  She has slowed down lately and has even given up on a possible avant-garde artistic collaboration with Art Garfunkel.  The project was designed to see if two wrongs do make a right. It was tentatively titled “Throw a whole bunch of shit against a wall and see what sticks.”  

Oh well, we’ll just have to get through life without it.

Anyway, fans of the Beatles have been eagerly awaiting a reunion concert since they last performed live on January 30, 1969 on the roof of Apple Records Headquarters.

Even after all these years, The Beatles still sell a ton of music and attract new followers from every generation.

John Lennon was probably right when he said that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus. Between the two of them John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote over sixty number one hits and have sold over 1.6 billion records in the United States.  Wow!!  

Give Jesus some credit though.  He was known to belt out a few good tunes himself, it’s just that nobody listens to Aramaic or Hebrew anymore.jesus

The Beatles were a musical and cultural phenom unmatched by anything before or after.  

The Canadian band, Max Webster was on the verge of Beatle like greatness but unfortunately broke up in the early eighties.

I hope the Beatles reunion concert happens and if it does, the price of admission will be high.  

Death itself for starters, and that’s a hefty price for any concert……even The Beatles.

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