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big yellow taxi covers


Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell is a song that has stood the test of time. It was written in the late sixties and it’s been a classic ever since. The lyrics and vocal style by Mitchell on the original recording have touched the hearts and minds of passionate humans for decades. It is no wonder that many have tried to make their own version of the song. I have heard a lot of people try to sing it…… and it’s such a great song that I enjoy almost all of them. Here are some covers of the song that are particularly good:

Number 1: The Counting Crows
Some people have a problem with The Counting Crows……I like em and that’s all that matters to me. This is a cover that I keep on my running playlist and everytime it comes on I smile and the run gets easier. They do a really good job keeping the essence of the song while adding an original feel. Background vocals by Vanessa Carlton propel this version into my all time favorite.

Number 2: BB Gabor
A great talent from in and around the Toronto area in the early eighties. BB was born In Hungary and wrote some pretty cool tunes about the evils of communist Russia. Not an easy life for this guy, he had talent and wrote some great songs, but he suffered from depression. He ended up taking his own life by hanging in 1990. I have included the whole first album by BB Gabor in addition to his cover of “Big Yellow Taxi,” because it’s really different and really good……and you should listen to it. I was lucky enough to own the album and see his live show while living in Toronto. Big Yellow Taxi is a very emotional song anyway. Try listening to it after you know that this guy killed himself. Have a great day.

Number 3: Amy Grant
You’ll want to keep your eyes closed for this version. Amy Grant has a pretty good vocal of the song but the video is cheesy 101. If you open your eyes while listening to this version you just might break out laughing and spoil the mood. So just shut up and close your eyes. Vocals good……video shitty, enjoy.

If you’re still here you must have a lot of time on your hands. Okay, how about a whole Joni Mitchell documentary. C’mon you can do it.

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