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Buy Apple Products – Be A Sheeple

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“Why did the guy with the iPhone cross the road?”  

Answer:  “Because everyone else did.”


I think it’s getting to the point where Americans are behaving like sheep when they buy Apple products. There is no doubt in my mind that in 2007 the iPhone was a great innovation and a revolutionary product with its touch screen technology.

Not anymore!!

buy apple procucts

The new features announced recently for the iPhone 6 are a joke.  NFC enabled phones.  It’s about time!!  Android and Blackberry phones have been using NFC technology for years now.  Apple finally enables their phones with NFC and it’s a big news feature.  You have got to be kidding me.  

Whatever will they think of next?

Oh right, a bigger screen.  Whoop de doo.  This is not innovation anymore, it’s just catching up to the other guys. This Apple mania is ridiculous.  Americans seem to have their heads buried in the sand when it comes to tech gadgets that don’t have an Apple on it.  

Wake up!!   It’s getting pathetic.

I think that Apple is a smart marketing company.  Everything that they do now though, is successful because of marketing and not innovation.  They have developed an ecosystem and are determined to keep their customers in it.  The new Applewatch needs you to have an iPhone in order for it to work.  Nice for them.  Not so much for us.  The smartwatch is not even a new or innovative product. They are just following the lead of Sony, Samsung and other companies that already have a smartwatch on the market.  

They were smart to make their Applewatch big and bulky though.  Now, when they come out with a newer version they can make it just a little bit thinner and the sheep will go wild for it all over again.  

Consumers are hesitant to try other smart phones because they are trapped in The Evil  Empire of Apple with their contacts and apps and iTunes.

Empires only last for so long though.  The longer consumers have to deal with any one product or company the more fed up they usually become.  Apple is no different.  Eventually the pain of staying in the Apple ecosystem will outweigh the pain of switching to something better.

And since we’re on the Apple subject.  Let’s talk security.  Recently the iCloud was hacked and celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Rihanna had nude photos of themselves leaked to the public. If it was me, I’d be pretty upset.  This is why I keep my nude photos elsewhere, and it’s a good thing too.  If they ever leaked, I don’t think the world could handle the sheer volume of vomit from everybody puking at the same time.



  • I think that Apple should change the name iCloud to weCloud if they are going to allow access to everyone.
  • New Apple products are becoming as annoying and boring as reality T.V. stars and they should just go away.
  • Real apples are still good.real apple

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