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Can Nouns Be Verbs? – A Few Words To Inspire And Motivate

If I Was A Verb

I am so sick and tired of being a person, place or thing. I want to be an action word, dammit!

Can nouns be verbs?

I hope so because I, Don Rogers, am a man of action.

It has always been my mission and perhaps even my duty in life to motivate and inspire others by action and example.

That is the reason that I write this self-help blog. And when I say self-help, I mean for you people, I’m fucking fine.

Today’s inspirational message comes in the form of the above picture. I think I hit the nail on the head with this one folks. Three little pictures cleverly thrown together to symbolize our lives in a nutshell. For those people that haven’t figured it out yet, the steaming pile of shit in the center represents life.

I was looking for something a little more spiritual and uplifting, but I was tight for time and settled on the shit picture. This laziness has resulted in my changing the theme of this motivational blog from, “If You Believe It, You Can Achieve It,” to “Can Nouns Be Verbs?” Which makes perfect sense if you were on what I’m on.

And yes, a noun can be a verb. I could write my little motivational blog about these fine words, bowl, exit, ship and park. They are some of the words that have had the vision and intestinal fortitude to become both nouns and verbs. A lot of people said they’d never do it, but they kept on believing and now they are achieving. I am truly inspired by these words.

Perhaps some day in the dictionary beside Don Rogers will be the words, “to inspire” or “to uplift.” 

Until that time, I can only continue my journey in this steaming shit pile that we call life.

I hope my message is clear:

  • Life Is Shit
  • If You Believe It, You Can Achieve It
  • Nouns Can Be Verbs

Thank You and have a great day. We are all one.

Yours In Motivation, Don Rogers

Namaste, kumbaya and save the whales.




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