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Charles Manson’s Getting Married

Charles Manson

So Charles Manson’s getting married. Old Charlie is finally settling down to a quiet life of wedded bliss. I was kind of worried that he would never find a wife and settle down. He got off to such a rocky start, what with the killings and all.

Charles Manson

He is marrying a 25 year old girl named Afton Burton, also known as Star. Her parents must be so proud. Mom and Dad……this is Charles. This must be such an exciting time for the parents. I wonder if they’re going to pay for the wedding. They would have to set a guest limit though. There is only enough room for 12 killers, 9 rapists, 6 lifers and 4 politicians in the prison dance hall. I wonder if any of the Manson “family” will be invited.

The couple has chosen the song Helter Skelter for their first dance and it is rumoured that Roman Polanski has been hired to film the wedding. Polanski will then join Manson in jail  where they will share stories about the good old days of rape and murder.

I’m not invited to the wedding, but if I was, how would I ever pick the perfect gift? I’m thinking about sending a gift anyway. Something like, his and her ice picks to the forehead. Put them both out our Ice Pickmisery once and for all. Yes, the perfect gift for old Charlie, an ice pick…… right through that Nazi tattoo on his forehead.

As good luck would have it, the prison does not allow conjugal visits to convicts serving a life sentence. The next time Charlie gets “laid” it will be 6 feet under. Anytime soon works for me!!

Manson’s been in jail for 44 years.  That’s over 16 thousand days we’ve had to feed this dickhead. At 3 meals a day that comes to over 48 thousand meals. Surely we could find better mouths to feed.

Married……Why is this asshole even breathing?

They should have fried him in the sixties when they had the chance.

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Thanks, Don

Update: He’s dead now. Manson died on November 19, 2017

Good Bye Charlie……you piece of shit.


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