Cracker – The Rapper

Cracker the rapper
Cracker the rapper.

I Am Cracker The Rapper

I need a career change.  I think I might become a rapper.  I know it’s tough to make it as a middle class white rapper but I like a challenge. M&M and Vanilla Ice made it.  Why not me?  

I’ll need a name.  M&M already took the best candy name.  Maybe I could call myself Skittles or Smarties or just plain “Candy Wrapper” and play cover tunes.  

Sticking with with the food theme, I could call myself Cracker.

Cracker the white rapper, it’s got a nice ring to it.

I could start my tour in Harlem.

 I can just visualize a pumped up crowd of my fans in Harlem chanting,  Cracker, Cracker, we want Cracker.

What could possibly go wrong?

I would have my own style.  Part “Sinatra crooner” and part “ rapper”…..

“Regrets, I’ve had a few….. but not for shootin that cop or slappin my bitch……but then again, too few to mention….cops won’t catch me selling my grass, catch me if you can, I bust a cap in yo ass…….I did it my way.”  

 Thank you Harlem.  I am Cracker.  Good night everyone.  Drive safely.

Cracker the rapper.

Cracker, crackin out some rymes.

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