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Dead Michael Jackson Still Makes Great Coin

Michael Jackson

A dead Michael Jackson still makes great coin.

Michael Jackson

I just read that Michael Jackson makes over 100 million dollars a year.

Not bad for a dead guy.

I hope he spends it wisely like he did on earth, with purchases of amusement parks, zoo animals and Elephant Man remains.

Word has it that he still performs concerts out in the universe.  His encore, moonwalking dark side of the moonacross the dark side of the actual moon is becoming legendary.

He is now being compared to some of the brightest stars in the universe.  

In an interview with Walter Cronkite of the Mars Tribune, Michael says that he is adjusting to death, but misses Tito, very, very much.  He spends most of his time between gigs just hanging out with troubled galactic children in the Milky Way.  

Just like in his earth life, Michael enjoys sleeping (fully clothed) with the little children when they get tired.  In space this is called a plutonic relationship.

Cronkite says that, “at the end of the interview, Michael waved goodbye with his gloved hand and asked me to remind everyone that Billie Jean was not his lover. “  

Thanks Mike but we kind of figured that one out all on our own.

Michael, we miss you.  Your train wreck of a life was always something we could rely on for entertainment and a few laughs.  Some of your music was okay too.  I’m talking about the early Jackson Five stuff, not the weird one glove white boy phase.

Mikey, good luck out there in the real Neverland.  The world just isn’t the same without you.

P.S.  There are a lot of good dead doctors floating around out there.  Do yourself a favour and find one that won’t kill you…. again. 

Yours truly, Don






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