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Ebola, Big Deal – I’ve Still Got Cooties



ebola 2

Ebola, big deal, I’ve still got cooties!!

At least with Ebola you die quickly.  Sure, it’s uncomfortable, but at least it’s quick.


Holy crap!  I have suffered from cooties since childhood.

Scientists spend way too much time on diseases that don’t last long, and not enough time on things like cooties and herpes that just never seem to go away.

And the itching is relentless.  (According to a friend)

Sure, Ebola is bad, but what about cooties?  They don’t just go away, you know?

Especially girl cooties.  

Maybe it’s just not cool enough to talk about.  

Ooh, I’ve got Ebola.  I’m so cool.

Knock it off, Doctors and Scientists.   

Sometimes you have to study a disease that isn’t trending.

Sincerely, Don

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