Hey Buddy, You Got Money for a Cup of Coffee

cup of coffee

beggarI was walking down the street the other day and this guy comes up to me and says, “Hey buddy, you got money for a cup of coffee.”  I said “sure, let me tell you how I got it.

Every day, whether you want to or not you get out of your nice warm bed and go to what’s called a job. 

You’ll report to the boss – normally a mental midget with the IQ of a fence post.  For the next eight hours you’ll be his bitch.

Each and every day the boss will take a little piece of your heart and soul and flush it into the vortex of nothingness. Sure, you’ll want to cry, but you can’t because you remember that big boys don’t cry.
fat boss

Once a year you’ll get a vacation.  You’ll go to a place like Mexico.  It will rain everyday and you’ll get diarrhea.

As the years go by you’ll become suicidal, depressed and empty.  Sure, you’ll want to blow your head off, but you can’t. Because you remember that your parents are old and frail and let’s face it, you’ve disappointed them enough already.

Every two weeks the boss will give you a little piece of paper with a tiny little number on it.  Take that to the bank.  Pay your bills, buy some food, and what you have left my friend is money for a cup of coffee.

So if you don’t mind getting the fuck out of my way, I’m going to Starbucks.”


Just another rogersrant.  Thanks for listening and feel free to comment below.

It is not my intent to offend, but if I have offended anyone, I think that’s great.  Don




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