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This site is not politically or grammatically correct. It is my duty and pleasure to offend those that need offending. If drunken and politically incorrect babbling offends you, please do not attend the party. Thanks, Don

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The Virgin Mary                                    

Don Rogers......I'd fuck him!​

Don Rogers is a gigantic asshole......I should know, I'm in the business. .

Dr. Jones                     Proctologist

If the I Am Don Rogers blog was around in my time I would have been so busy laughing that I wouldn’t have had time to kill all those people.


Don Rogers is the bomb!!

Here is a sample of the crap that I write.

300 Dollars For A Car Wash?
Would you pay 300 dollars for a car wash?  I did, but not on purpose.   I was operating at[...]
Try LSD, Man – Once A Week For Best Results
I am of course talking about the long slow distance run and not the fairly potent hallucinogenic drug lysergic acid[...]
This Fruit Smoothie Will Change Your Life
Need a quick pick me up on a bad day.  Try this delicious smoothie. Guaranteed to turn any frown upside[...]
Interactive Virtual Girlfriends – A Reality in Japan
A lot of Japanese men have a girlfriend named Rinko.  That’s Okay, a lot of American men have a girlfriend named[...]
When You Remember, Remember to Remember
The former U.S. Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld had some great quotes during his time in the spotlight. The one[...]
The Best App To Get You In Shape
I overheard a conversation at Walmart the other day between a couple of big people in stretchy pants. One of[...]

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Jesus Christ Son of God

As far as I’m concerned, Don Rogers walks on water. Truly inspirational writing. This blog is my new Bible. Don, keep up the good work.

Don Rogers is unreal.


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