I Lost My Baby

lost my baby

I lost my baby a few years ago. I’m not sure if it died or if it’s out there somewhere. How would I know? I lost it one day and never followed up.

In this article you will learn:

  1. How to cope with mistakes.
  2. The art of distraction.
  3. How to move on after a loss.
  4. How to pretend that everything’s okay when you are actually fucked.
  5. How to avoid the authorities.
  6. The correct way to covet your neighbor’s wife.
  7. A mumbling technique to use when you are really wasted at work so the boss won’t know.
  8. The best way to pretend that you are sorry for something……,when you’re not.
  9. How to renovate and stay married. (Just kidding, that one is impossible).
  10. The complete history of the world.
Editor Revision: Terribly sorry, but in this article you will learn absolutely nothing. Our sincere apologies for wasting your time.

It appears that there is no article. I am so lazy.

Sincerely, Don

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