Irony Or Hyperbole?

blues guitar

What a day!! blues guitar

I got up this morning and wrote a blues song.  Just as I had finished writing it, I found a note from my baby.

It seems that she had up and left me for another man.

I’m not sure if that’s irony or hyperbole, I get the too, to, two of them confused.  

Anyway, I found that girl stealing bastard down by the river, just past the crossroads.

Well, I don’t like to be cliche, but I did shoot him down.  Yes, I shot him down.the sheriff


And now the bottle is my only friend as I wait for the deputy.  

Not the Sheriff………the deputy.  

I shot the Sheriff.


What a fucking day!!


Tomorrow should be okay.  Nothing really planned, maybe just relax and catch up on some bills.



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