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Jesus And Muhammad – Two Wild And Crazy Guys

two wild and crazy guys

A lot of people don’t realize that Jesus Christ was a really funny guy. I should say, “is a funny guy,” because Jesus still busts guts up in heaven. Recently he had his followers laughing their heads off with a little prank that he pulled on Muhammad. It was lunch time and Jesus offered old Mo a bite of his sandwich. He then pulled it back at the last second and said, “PSYCHE,……  it’s pork, man”.


Jesus and Muhammad are two wild and crazy guys and have a long history of pranking each other. This good natured ribbing has caused problems in the past. Muhammad found himself in hot water at the Jesus Christ Celebrity Roast a few hundred years ago. He made a joke about the Virgin Mary wearing army boots and all hell broke loose. “Your Mamma” jokes, popular in hip hop culture on earth, don’t seem to go over so well in heaven.

The virgin Mary


Muhammad (not pictured here)Question mark. – I repeat…… totally not pictured here, refused to comment about the prank. A spokesman for Muhammad said that he was out for a night ride on his flying horse and that the company has a “no comment” policy about pranks and pork.



After all of the prank hoopla dies down, Jesus and Muhammad usually have a big laugh and compare notes on which religion, Christianity or Islam, has created the most bloodshed over the ages. When two bullshit artists like these guys get together, hold onto your hats……it gets wacky.

Not a lot of people know it, but Jesus was the class clown when he went to carpentry school. His lifelong friend Judas Jones (later to change his last name to Iscariot when he entered into the bottom half of a homosexual marriage), recalls how Jesus would loosen the nails on the teacher’s chair before class. When the teacher fell, hilarity would ensue and the aspiring table makers would break into bouts of Aramaic laughter. (Little did the young Jesus know just how badly that nails would come back to haunt him).

To this day, Jesus is cracking them up in heaven. He also plays harp and sings backup in a Christian band. Muhammad spends his retirement time learning to read and drawing pictures of himself …… But when these crazy guys get together at events……You just never know what will happen.

Meanwhile back on earth……things are a fucking mess.

Thanks, boys, I guess the biggest prank is on us.



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