Keep It Simple Stupid

keep it simple stupid

If I have learned anything in life so far it’s KISS, which used to mean Keep It Simple Stupid, but I think the new more politically correct version is Keep It Simple Silly.  I guess you’re not allowed to offend stupid people anymore.  Like they’d even notice.

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I try to keep everything short and sweet these days. In and out like a teenage boy. That’s my new motto.

Like myself, the majority of people don’t have the time or patience to read full articles anymore and writing styles have had to change to keep up.  

Internet readers lose interest quickly knowing that they have a million options at the click of a button. Todays internet reader wants to scan, get the general idea and move on.

In the last ten years the average persons attention span has gone from twelve to eight seconds.  At nine seconds, even a goldfish has the ability to beat us in a staring contest.

They used to say that a picture was worth a thousand words.  Today, pictures and videos are actually replacing words. And why not?  The world has changed.  Nobody gives a shit about what older generations used to do. grammerSentence structure, subjects, predicates, spelling and even your poor old grammar just don’t matter anymore. We’re in such a hurry now that acronyms have replaced whole sentences in our communications.

I like the new style of writing.  It’s a lot easier

Okay, gotta go.  I need to read about three hundred articles before dinner.

If you do happen to notice any typos in this article, please keep them to yourself.

Nobody cares anymore.

Please leave comments or ideas below.  Thanks, Don

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