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Lies Of Government And The Monkey In The Middle

lies of government

These are great times that we live in. INFORMATION flows and bullshit blows. Or it’s starting to, I hope. It’s a new attitude and real people are starting to wake up to the lies of government and big business. The mainstream media (owned by big business), is finally getting called out by the masses for their bullshit and bias. It’s the power of the internet. It’s the new age of information.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against the democratic system. I’m all for capitalism and I’m not in any way wanting to trade my North American lifestyle for some bullshit people powered anarchy thing. But where is the happy medium between corrupt power hungry bastards, and the stinky bongo playing protesters?

We need a monkey in the middle.

Are middle of the road normal people so busy trying to make a living that they don’t have time to act anymore? The old “buy a car to get to work, and then go to work to pay for the car thing,” maybe? Do we have tribalism so ingrained in our DNA that we can’t wake up and see what’s right and what’s wrong for the world?

I’m right and you’re not, so go fuck yourself. That’s the only debate I’m hearing these days. Social justice warrior lefties on one side, and right wing religious nut jobs on the other. What will become of us? Both extremes drive me to drink. A lot, starting in the morning.

Nobody listens to the other side any more. The left hates the right and the right hates the left. Easy to understand, but fucking stupid.

Where’s my monkey?

Nobody wants to be the monkey in the middle anymore. Why not give it a shot? It doesn’t last forever and you have a chance to better yourself. Just catch the ball, dammit. It’s simple. The new monkey works to improve his lot in life and will take a superior position when he takes action and grabs the ball. We need a third political party that can take the best from the left and the right.

We need some smart thinkers to grab the ball. Not me, of course. I have the IQ of an old sock and just like to complain about shit.

Politics shouldn’t be about talking points that only serve your side. I don’t want my leaders to be inflexible. We need thinkers willing to adapt and change. I change my mind all the time if I hear something that makes better sense. I admit it, I’m a flip-flopper…… and proud of it. We need to elect clear thinkers with adaptability. Or not, I’m just pretending to give a shit. It’s a slow day here.

The New Media

It’s the new media that’s going to be the driving force for change. The new media being the internet and podcasts that don’t need to answer to the man. Free content that’s available and plentiful will change the world. It’s podcasts like the Joe Rogan Experience that are providing non-agenda based information. His podcast (and many others), are providing dialogue and generating thought and discussion on topics that the mainstream media just can’t provide anymore.

Five minutes watching mainstream news media like NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox and CNN is like drinking twenty beers real quick. I fucking puke every time I do it. And sure, I’ll probably do it again one day, but not as often as I used to.

There are choices now.

Don’t like the food pyramid provided by the man? Do your own research and find something that works for you. Big Business, Big Government and Big Pharma really hate it when you can think for yourself. Try it, get healthy on your own. Fuck them and their stupid lobbyist inspired big business agenda driven guidelines. We got new information, and we’re not interested in slowly poisoning ourselves to the point we need your fucking medications, you bastards.

Don’t even get me started on CBD and Cannabis.

These fat faced, five chinned motherfuckers are locking up good people in cages and letting others die a slow, big pharma death. And all for money, it doesn’t get more evil than that. Cannabis and hemp were never bad for anybody, EXCEPT big pharma and the pulp and paper industry. Get over it fuckers. We have access to real information now. You fat faced, multi-chinned bastards.

Sorry, small rant, but in all fairness, they are bastards. Well, either they’re bastards or they can’t fucking read. The information is out there.

Thanks for reading and have a great day. Unless you’re a fat faced, jowly, five chinned evil fucker with no respect for truth or people’s lives. You can go fuck yourself……Twice.

Here’s a little Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson:

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