Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself

nothing to fear but fear itself

You have nothing to fear but fear itself. And fucking snakes, crocodiles and grizzly bears. And maybe waking up onstage in high school……naked,……and it’s really cold…… and the girl you like is in the front row.

I fear, fear and I’m also afraid of it. So sue me. I’m also afraid of spelling. Did I spell sue properly? I meant the lawyer thing, not the girl. It doesn’t look right. Fear, fear and more fear, that’s my life……how’s your life going?

They say that fear is a concept and it’s all inside you. Unless it’s outside you, I would say,  like when you get jumped by several large gentlemen that beat the shit out of you.

Even inside fear is real. It can cause many wonderful diseases like cancer of the bowels and fucking heart attacks.

Cut the bullshit!! Fear is a real thing.

And so are problems. If I hear one more self-help guru say that there are no problems, only solutions. That fucker’s going to have a problem. Of course there’s problems, of course there’s fear, and obviously, of course, there is bullshit.

Back in the seventies when I was stuck up a tree in the jungles of Vietnam, surrounded by Charlie, with nothing on me except a plastic spoon and a recipe for Moo Goo Gai Pan …… that was a problem. There was a bit of fear too, now that I think about it.  Where were these self-help gurus and their stupid sayings then? Safe at home, writing books and planning seminars. Fuck them.

Another bigger problem  if you do the math, is that I was just a little kid during the seventies.

Why are they sending little children to war? See, there’s another fucking problem.

Shut your face about solutions, man. I’ve got real problems. And fear…… plenty of fear. Always back to the fear. Not enough money, fear of looking for a job, fear of getting one, fear of last call, fear of lower back pain caused by the weight of my extra large scrotum, fear of  people finding out what actually goes on in my little mind.

Fear is a real thing in my world, ladies and gentlemen. The people that spend their time coming up with these bullshit sayings are dead wrong.

Oh right, I forgot the fear of death. 

Fear is endless, problems are endless and self-help gurus are full of shit.

Thank you and have a nice day. Don

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