Pictures Of Food On Social Media

People sure post a lot of pictures of food on social media.  I don’t know why and I don’t really care.  My problem, as always, is that I feel left out, less than and totally inadequate. Would my food picture be worthy and able to stand up to the scrutiny of other more experienced and skillful food picture posters?

I sure hope so but I doubt it.  I never get anything right.  I have this sick feeling inside that my contribution to the foodie world will be ridiculed and I will be laughed at.  Flashbacks of high school and my many failures are bombarding my brain like a violent hail storm.  I should just go to bed and forget about this crazy food post, but no, in order to grow as a person I must challenge myself.

My analyst says that I am approaching stability.  He says that if I try new things it will build my confidence and self esteem.  Well I’m nervous as hell but here goes.

Let me know if this cuts the mustard, Don


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