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Religious People Suck – And Some Other Stuff

Change or get left behind.

Everything changes and it’s true what they say about it. Change is about the only thing that you can count on to remain the same, especially these days with technology and the connected world. If you aren’t receptive to letting go and adapting to the new, you will end up in the basement of life playing pong on a big fat TV with a bunch of other losers. Adapt quickly or get left behind, that’s just the way it is.

It’s a good thing, this change. I can’t imagine living life under the watchful eye of all those pious and hypocritical religious assholes that used to run the whole world.Religious people suck. Religious people suck, especially their leaders. They didn’t want change (and still don’t) because it shakes up the power structure and threatens the good life that they have always enjoyed at the expense of the majority. It’s still going on in some of those ass backward countries.

Here in North America most people just won’t tolerate that bullshit anymore. Except from the bankers on Wall Street, of course, but that’s a whole other story.

Gotta love that free speech and democracy. It’s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but at least nobody is getting crucified or having their heads chopped off by the God people. It’s hard to believe it’s the 21st century when you listen to some of these assholes talk. Luckily, here in our part of the world, normal and modern thinking people are the majority (for now), some countries aren’t so lucky.

OOPS, didn’t mean to turn this into a rant.

I just can’t help myself.

Fat people need cake everyday, I need to offend, it’s just who I am.

Anyway, I was talking about change.

Attitudes have sure changed and people (except for those mentioned above) have become more open to and accepting of things that were once considered wrong or immoral, like some alternative lifestyles. I think that we all have enough to worry about without getting into other peoples business. Unless you’ve got body parts or dead babies in your freezer, it’s none of my business what you do.

A few years ago if you were sitting around with your buddies and one of them said “ hey guys, I’ve gotta hit the road, I need to do some work on my tranny.” …….. He meant his car!

Now, who knows?

“Wait a sec Bob, you don’t have a car,  oops never mind…… have fun Bob.  Call us if you need us.”

Twenty five years ago the thought of buying water in a bottle would have been considered absurd. Water is now the number one selling bottled beverage. So much bottled water is being consumed that the do gooders are trying to stop it. I say, let it all play out, let’s see what happens. I think that it would be cool to cross the ocean on plastic stepping stones.

When I was a kid we spent hours in the winter having snowball fights. We would make a whole bunch of snowballs and when we had enough ammo, we’d attack. Today, have a look at some of the cool toys available. Kids don’t even need to make their own snowballs anymore.  Wham O sells a toy called the arctic snowball blaster that not only makes snowballs, it actually throws them for the kids. Our old system, making the snowballs by hand, just wouldn’t cut it today. We’d get creamed by today’s kids and their modern technology.

Thirty years ago, seatbelts, helmets and sunscreen  were for sissies.  Now they’re used without a second thought. Smoking used to be allowed everywhere. You could light up at the movies, in the bank and even on airplanes.  It’s unthinkable now.  Things are always changing but sometimes you don’t even notice until a few years go by and you take look back.

500 years ago?

Just surviving and eating was a full time occupation. Now, we get all pissed if a website takes 8 seconds to load or if the lineup is too long at the grocery store. I don’t think that a lot of us would last a day if we had to go back in time.

The good news is that we don’t have to go back, not yet anyway, I’m sure they’re working on it.

The Moral Of This Story

Don’t get attached to anything. Out with the old and in with the new. Change or die. Mind your own business. Try something new. Live a little. Stop worrying about what other people think. Don’t get too set in your ways.Trust your gut. Do no harm, and live and let live.


That’s it. Have a great day, Don  

Please leave any comments or ideas below. Thanks.


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