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Shitty First Draft? – A Little Trick That I Use

shitty first draft

A poorly written and shitty first draft is better than not having one at all. True, but take it another step and do what I do. Use the shitty first draft as the final result. Save time and effort by not doing any rewrites at all. You can exceed your expectations by lowering your standards. It’s simple and foolproof. Life doesn’t need to be complicated, folks. If you want to achieve goals……make sure that you set the bar really, really low. It’s a little trick that I use to feel better about myself. My self esteem is at an all time high. Overachievers can eat me. Feel free to quote me on that.

shitty first draft

New studies are showing that multitasking can actually make you less productive. It only makes sense to take that logic a step further and do as little as possible each day. I believe that this modern approach can be extremely beneficial in life. Don’t get stuck in the mold that was created by your grandfather’s grandfather. Experiment in your daily routine, and wherever possible, do less. Rest your body and mind for the coming apocalypse. You will need a clear head and an open schedule to do battle with the Zombies and Communists.  

the apocalypse

I believe that the 207 words in the first two paragraphs should be enough to prove my point. Some assholes would go on for another 84 words, but to me that would be an exercise in self indulgence and a total lack of respect for the reader’s time.

This attitude of simplicity and lower standards is the new reality in my world. Lazy and shiftless is the new success.

Join me in Slackerville and build your self esteem.

Or not…… nobody gives a shit.


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