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Should I Get A Tattoo On My Face? – So Many Decisions

face tattoo

The average person makes over 35,000 decisions each and every day.  Think about it, even before you really wake up the decision making starts.  Should I hit snooze and sleep for five more minutes?  Should I get up to pee or just let it go right here? Do I really need to go to work today?

So many decisions to be made and so much chatter in the head.  No wonder 10% of Americans start their day swallowing some sort of antidepressant.

The brain is working on decision making every single day, from the time you get up until the time you go to bed. Each decision is important and can make a difference in your life.  You could make 34,999 great decisions all day and then on the last one you decide to get a tattoo on your face.

face tattoo

You’re only as good as your last decision, I guess.


Can you really fault a guy for getting a tattoo on his face?  Maybe he just got tired of making decisions and said to his retarded cousin,”fuck it, you decide.”  Maybe he did make 34,999 good decisions all day and just that single shitty one.  It’s actually an amazing percentage of good decisions, and yet, buddy still ends up with ink on his face forever.

It doesn’t seem fair.  We should get some sort of do over when we really fuck up.

I think Captain Edward Smith of the Titanic might be interested in a do over.  He probably made some excellent decisions that day in April 1912.  If only it wasn’t for that damned iceberg!  Oh well, that’s what you get for texting when you should be keeping your eyes on the ocean.



I think kicker Scott Norwood of the Buffalo Bills might like a do over for his 1991 Super Bowl field goal that went wide with only eight seconds to go in the game.  The missed field goal resulted in the Bills losing the Super Bowl 20-19 to the New York Giants.  That guy must have some great nightmares.  One foot to the left and Scott’s a hero.  But no.  Oh well.field goal

I think that Dick Rowe from Decca Records might like to have that day back when he passed on signing the Beatles to a record contract.  I don’t have any proof, but I think that Dick Rowe could be the original Dick, as in, What a Dick! ……or…… Don’t be a Dick!the beatles

Makes sense to me.

Speaking of Dicks, I think that Dick Butkus (pronounced butt kiss) former all star linebacker for the Chicago Bears might like a do over for his name.  Although I’m sure nobody was stupid enough to make fun of him.  Dick hit pretty hard.

I think that we’ve all made some pretty crappy decisions in our lives.  But come on, 35,000 a day.  That’s way too many decisions for a guy, way too much pressure.  

This blog is actually scaring me. When it’s finished I have decided to hide in the closet, no wait, under the bed or….. maybe in the basement.  Too many decisions for one man.  I need a beer, no wait, tequila or….. Jack Daniels, shit, I’m falling apart.  Help me, please!

 “Oh, crap……… “Iceberg straight ahead!”


I guess the moral of the story is that you have to stay focused and bring your decision making “A-game” all day, every day.  Let your guard down for a second and you could end up not signing a great band to a contract, getting a tattoo on your face or even smashing into an iceberg.

 After Thought:

If you are a single guy and are having problems making decisions, get married and you won’t be allowed to make any. Problem solved! May you live happily ever after, or until that expensive do over called divorce.

What would you like to do over?

Leave comments below.  Thanks, Don

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