Should I Have Children?


Are you at the stage in life where you are asking yourself that age old question, should I have children?  If you are, do yourself a big favour and read this blog before plunging in.

A growing number of people are choosing not to have children. They are choosing this childless lifestyle for a number of reasons.  Having more money, time, freedom and happiness are all good reasons, but I think that the main reason people are choosing not to have them is because children are evil little monsters.  They shit their pants, piss in your face and can’t even form a simple sentence. Ga ga, goo goo yourself, you little brat.  If you weren’t so selfish and a big crybaby more people might have you.

crying baby

Why would anybody want one?

Parents give up their whole lives for these little shits, and what do they get in return?  Heartache and mixed marriages.  No thank you!

wrecked carThey borrow your car and wreck it.  Their grades are disappointing.  They do a whole whack of drugs and either OD or need to get bailed out of jail.

bail your kids out




Why would you want a kid?  For the heartache, disappointment and financial hardship.  Just say no to children.  It’s the right thing to do.


Recent studies have shown that it costs almost $250,000 to raise a kid to 18 in the United States. That is before you send them to college which costs about 25 grand or more per year.  

You almost want your kid to be stupid and drop out of school with that kind of money involved.  I know that I’d be cheering for my kid to be a dummy, if of course, I was dumb enough to have one.

Expenses decrease if you have more than one brat, and it only makes sense.  You can cram four of the little bastards into one room.  The kids can even share toys and clothes with this “have a lot of children philosophy.”

Who cares about the psychological ramifications? Even at an early age I knew that sharing a room with 3 other little nose pickers was a shitty existence.  Wearing hand me down clothes doesn’t cause ridicule either, so go ahead, have more kids.  

And the study is right, sharing toys does save money.  Forget the fact that the bigger kids don’t share their stinking, germ covered toys with the smaller brats.  

I guess having extra kids works financially for the parents.  Whoop di doo!!  

Who cares about the kids?

happy kids

I would recommend having kids if I didn’t know the outcome.  

Why would anyone want to spend a quarter of a million dollars to produce something that grows up to wreck your cars, suck you dry for bail money and then swarm around like buzzards when you get older so that they can grab the rest of your hard earned empire when you bite the big one?

(Wow!! That was a long sentence.)

Nope, not for me!! 

It just doesn’t make any sense.  

Use a condom, and just say no to children.

say no to children


Another inspirational message from I Am Don Rogers.

Thank You, and spread the joy.

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