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The Ashley Madison Hack – Marriage Ain’t What It Used To Be

Oscar Madison

The Ashley Madison hack was messy. I can hardly wait until the Oscar Madison site gets hacked, that will be even messier.

Out of all the famous Madison’s in the world, (Dolly, Oscar and Ashley) I guess it’s Ashley getting the most press coverage lately. The Ashley Madison site got hacked recently and it’s probably pretty uncomfortable at a few dinner tables tonight. Ashley Madison is a website that you can join to cheat on your spouse with other spouse cheaters.

I guess it would be pretty tense if the husband and wife both got outed……ouch! Neither of them would want to talk about it on account of the fact that they were both screwing around. This would make them both guilty of cheating and would also add the additional stress of both knowing about the other but not being able to accuse and blame.

Marriage, I love it!

It seems that the Ashley Madison membership is around 37 million. That seems like a pretty big number to me. Subtract the single people, alternatives, widows and orphans and it looks to me like marriage just aint what it used to be. As a matter of fact…… 

I ran the numbers and came up with the figures……everybody’s cheating!!

Marriage is a farce and those good old families from TV and the movies don’t seem to exist anymore. They probably never did, it’s just that years ago it wasn’t as simple to cheat as it is today. You just have to subscribe to a web site, hell, anybody can do that…… and it looks like they do according to figures released from the hack.

The Cleavers from Leave It To Beaver were the type of family that I remember from the old days. They nicknamed their kid the “Beaver” and the show was about teaching moral values. Good old family time at home looking after the “Beaver” was what it was all about. 

The Cleavers from Leave It To Beaver

In today’s family it seems that dear old dad isn’t happy just looking after the beaver at home, and mommy likes to cook, just not for daddy anymore.

It’s things like this hack that make life worth living. Laughing at other people’s misfortune and kicking them when they’re down, what a beautiful day it is. Thank you Ashley, and thank you cheaters for brightening an otherwise dreary day here in Rogersville.

If you would like to tell us how this hack fucked up your life, please feel free to leave your name in the comments section below.

Don’t worry about your privacy, everybody already knows who you are.







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