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The Benefits Of Driverless Cars

driverless car

Google is working on a driverless car and I think it’s a great thing. I hope they perfect it soon and get them on the road. It’s going to come in handy in so many ways. The benefits of driverless cars are endless. It could change the way we live.

driverless car

Just think about all the benefits……….

No more drinking and driving.  Just get in and tell the car which bar to hit next.

Never see the ex again. Just send the car to pick up the kids when it’s your weekend.

Old people could keep driving safely up until the day they died. Actually even after they die, if they happen to die in the car alone. The driverless car would deliver the corpse to the pre-determined destination. That would be an awesome story to tell if you were expecting someone for dinner and they arrived dead. You would become such a good story teller that everybody would be just dying to come to your parties. (Sorry, I had to do it.)

No more awkward goodbyes on the first date, you can make out in the back seat on the way home.

Finally, I can start drinking in the morning and not have to worry about driving when I’m drunk.

No more road rage, let the cars fight it out. I’ll be having a beer.

Taxis won’t have drivers. No more body odour and mindless chatter.taxi

Men will never have to ask for directions again. Not that we did, but whatever.

If you had one of those little smart cars you could program it to drive right into Safeway and go up and down the aisles while you grab stuff from the shelves.

Stevie Wonder could drive to his own gigs.

stevie wonder

Shitty drivers wouldn’t have to waste ten minutes trying to parallel park or hold everybody up while they make a 12 point turn.

People with disabilities could drive. Oh, I’m sorry did I say disabilities, how politically incorrect of me. I meant to say. People with diverse-abilities could drive. My bad.

The average person spends over 2 hours a day in their car.  Two hours a day can add up to a lot of productivity for a guy. You could prepare your presentation on the way to a meeting. You could catch up on emails or make some phone calls. You could even dress on the way if you really wanted to.

Fat guys could spend those extra two hours ramming food into their cake hole with both hands. After a heart attack, they could direct the car to the nearest hospital while continuing to gobble potato chips and twinkies.  fat belly

Wow, this is fantastic. Google has even suggested that driverless cars will be a form of public transportation that you could summon using an app. You might never have to buy another car, and that means……. no more car salesmen. Yippee!!

Driverless cars, what will they come up with next. What a great time to be alive.

space ship

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Thanks, Don



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