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The Reason Poor People Are Fat

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Warning:  This blog is not politically correct and the opinions expressed are not sugar coated.  If they were, fat people might eat them.

rich and fat

Hundreds of years ago it was a status symbol to be fat.  It meant that you were wealthy and could afford the finest foods and the hired hands to bring it to you.  

Not so much today. Being fat, porky, obese or whatever you want to call it is frowned upon by those that frown upon things.

fat belly


Some Reasons Poor People Are Fat:

  • Crappy processed food is cheaper to buy.
  • Pizza delivery is easier to arrange than salad, oatmeal and legumes.
  • Poor people are lazy and never leave the couch.
  • Shitty processed food tastes better and is addictive because “the man” laces it with sugar, sodium and several other things we can’t even pronounce.
  • Many poor people are also ugly and feel that being healthy is pointless.

chili dog


Fat, poor people also hang out together creating what psychologists are now calling, Mutual, Big Butt Acceptance. According to an unnamed psychologist source,” this phenomenon is spreading across America quicker than a priest on an altar boy.”….. His words, not mine.  

Some people say that educating people on nutrition is the answer. I disagree.  Anybody that can read or even listen to the news knows the difference between healthy and crappy food.  They (we) choose the crap because it tastes better and is more convenient than cooking a healthy meal.  If people can’t read, well, that’s a different education problem altogether.

Did You Know:

In the United States, the wealthiest one percent of all Americans have a greater net worth than the bottom 90 percent combined.

The average income for the poorest Americans is on the decline.  The only thing going up is their weight and their debt.

The Main Reason Poor People Are Fat:

Nobody ever talks about it but the main reason poor people are fat is because race cars are so expensive.  

formula 1


The average formula 1 race car costs over 2.5 million dollars.  That’s a lot of money.

The average Formula 1 driver loses almost nine pounds during a race.  That’s a lot of weight.

It’s just not fair.

The rich guy with the car loses nine pounds while poor fatty is forced to watch from the sidelines munching on nachos and drinking soda.  

Until race cars are available at an affordable price, the rich will be thin and the poor will be fat.

It’s as simple as that.

Please feel free to complain about this tasteless blog in the comment section below.


Thank You, Don

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