The Weddings Of Young People

weddings of young people

I love going to high school graduations and the weddings of young people. Their faces shine with hope and optimism. Their eyes smile with excitement and promise.

Seeing them like this makes me happy.

It makes me happy because I am an asshole. I know that most of them will fail.

Even the ones that do well for a while will eventually get so beat up that they won’t enjoy any of it.

They are so dumb.

Little do they know that each and every one of them will get the shit kicked out of them in this life.  

I love it.

I laugh at all of the pathetic and silly hopes and dreams fermenting inside of their naive and unrealistic little heads.


The optimism will fade as time passes. They will realize, just like we did, that life sucks. They are not important to anyone.

It’s one big fucking joke. Everybody lied and then they died. Just like we will. And then them.

Good luck out there kids and just remember one thing as you travel through life…… nobody gives a shit.

Today’s Lesson: Life is shit.

You can also fuck off with that make lemonade, glass is half full bullshit optimism. That doesn’t fly around here.

Sincerely, Don

P.S. I wrote this on a good day.
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