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Try LSD, Man – Once A Week For Best Results

I am of course talking about the long slow distance run and not the fairly potent hallucinogenic drug lysergic acid diethylamide.

Try LSD Man

Although, if you really think about it, the LSD run and the LSD drug do have a few things in common.


The next day can be pretty painful.

They both inspire contemplation and are thought provoking.

They both put you in a better mood. (unless you get bad acid or the ground is slippery)


Some might even say that a long slow distance run could be considered a trip.

Okay, enough of that. Let’s talk about the run.runners3

The long slow distance run is a weekly occurrence that is an essential part of any training for marathons and ultra marathons.  Everybody has their own schedule but for me I like to run five days a week.  I do my long run on Saturday and I take Sunday and Wednesday off.  

Even if I want to run more than that, I don’t.  (I had to learn the hard way over the years.) The body needs a couple of rest days every week.  

Tuesdays I either go a little harder or a little longer than normal because I know that I have the next day off.  That is my normal schedule.  

If I am training for a particular race day and distance, I adjust intensity and duration for my five days in accordance with my distance and speed goals.  Although to be perfectly honest, I’m not much for fast anymore.

I really try to enjoy my time running and I don’t push like I used to.  That’s one of the great things about running. It’s personal and you can do it however you want.  Just keep running!  If you used to run and have stopped.  Start again, slowly.  Remember how good it was.  I have stopped and started many times.  Life as a runner is just better.

The Benefits and How To of LSD Runs

Increase your distance gradually week to week to allow your joints and especially your legs to get used to longer periods of use.  The suggested increase in weekly distance is usually about 10%.  You will be tempted to run faster and longer. Don’t do it!  The whole benefit of the progressive LSD will be lost and you might even injure yourself and not be able to train at all.  

The long slow distance run trains your body to use up stored fat as energy which will allow you to become a more efficient distance runner in the long term.  The LSD run also teaches your body to burn different types of fuel more efficiently.  If you want details, call a scientist.

Going long teaches your body and especially your legs to battle through fatigue and maybe even a little pain.  

There are many other factors to consider, like what forms of nutrition and hydration are best for your body.  Read a lot and experiment with your long runs until you find what works for you.  Pre-run nutrition is important, along with gatorade, water and power bars during the run – find the right mix for you.  We are all different.  

Time on your feet is the most important aspect of the long run, slow and steady, just keep moving forward.  Going longer and longer every week will also build up the mental part of your game.  It’s not always pretty, but it does end and you’ll be a better person and a better runner because you do it.

lsdAs a public service I should mention that LSD (acid) can have some serious long term effects.  In some cases acid users can experience long-lasting psychoses or suffer a complete loss of contact with reality.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?     Hey, I know some runners like that.  

Well stop it, the jokes over, man.  Put the purple microdot back in the drawer and go for a run.

Just remember, LSD once a week for best results.

Disclaimer:  Although I am an experienced runner and acid taker, please do not base any of your decisions on the crap that I write.  Consult your health professional before engaging in any LSD activities.   

Don after the Labor of Love Marathon in Las Vegas

Don after the Labor of Love Marathon in Las Vegas


Please leave ideas and comments below.  Thanks, Don


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