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What Happened To Being A Man?

Our ancestors used to worry about being killed by wild animals, fierce warriors, harsh winters and vengeful Gods.  

Today we worry about dying from eating too many fucking cinnamon buns.

cinammon buns

What happened to being a man?

Years ago if you insulted a guy in public, you might get challenged to a duel…… you might even get a bullet in the head. Today, cowards surf the internet anonymously insulting and spreading hate shit with no fear of reprisal. Some of these trolls could use a bullet in the head.

A little lead in the head, until they fucking dead. Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen, I try to incorporate a little rappin and rhymin wherever I go. It’s just who I am, and my duty as a white man.


I don’t think that the hardy pioneers of North America worried too much about granite countertops and travertine floors. They were too busy trying to eat and stay warm. Most of us wouldn’t last one winter in those harsh conditions. We’d be looking for somebody to sue. Or hiring a shrink so that we could verbalize our feelings and blame our parents for all the shit we can’t handle.

We have certainly developed a new definition for the word “problem” here in the first world. Parking is a problem, traffic is a problem, storage is a problem, What? The Vikings, Pirates and Roman Gladiators are rolling in their graves laughing their skulls off. To those boys a problem was something like walking the plank or getting jumped by a fucking lion. Parking is a problem!! What a bunch of marshmallows we’ve become.

What the hell happened?


Soft as a marshmellow.

When did we get so soft?

Our ancestors stood up for what they believed in and were willing to die for a cause. Now it’s like,” join the cause, maybe, I doubt it…… let me think about it over this box of donuts.”

There are 7 billion people in the world. We need jobs and industry to keep the economy going, but please…… clothes for dogs is an industry. Really!!

Reality T.V. is is an industry? Say it isn’t so!

Something happened, unions, welfare….compassion, I don’t know, it’s just that we have turned into a society of wimps.  We rely on governments for everything.  It used to be families that looked after each other, but that doesn’t work anymore. Families can’t stand each other. It’s every man for himself. Dog eat dog, but in a very wimpy way.

The bankers and wall street psychopaths think that they are the warriors of today. It makes me laugh.These guys wouldn’t last a minute trapped on an island with no money. If I ever do get stranded on an island, I hope that it’s with people that are useful, like construction workers, plumbers or carpenters.

wall street

Wall Street. Home of the business psychopath.

These wall street guys are the softest of the soft. They invented an industry and hold the rest of us hostage while they make the rules and get richer and richer, just like the lawyers. A whole bunch of worthless and useless assholes.

But at least they work.

What’s with this world of entitlement and the welfare culture?

Some people need and deserve our help, but everybody can’t be on the dole. It just doesn’t work. Lets get it together people!

We need to be more like the warriors of the past.

The Japanese samurai were great warriors. They were feared for their swordsmanship and respected for their code of honor. They would die for the code. Today’s gangster talks a mean game. They get “death before dishonor” tattooed on their neck and back, but are always the first to sing when they get busted and face jail time.  

Same as the mafia. Such cowards they turned out to be.

“Pretty armour doesn’t make a warrior.”- Mark Lawrence  (Ain’t it the truth Mark)

Modern day gangsters like to drive their hummers and show off the bling, just like the prohibition gangsters used to dress up in their fedoras and three piece suits. Pathetic that anybody would want to emulate these losers.

Prohibition gangster.


We need to be more like Davy Crockett the king of the wild frontier, he died outnumbered, but still swinging, in the battle of the Alamo. (Not the hotel.)

Davy Crockett


We need to be more like Richard The Lionheart, who led armies into battle at the age of 16. If Richard was alive today I don’t think he’d be running home complaining to mommy about being cyber bullied.

Richard the lionheart.

We need to be more like Genghis Khan. That Mongol was a beast of a man and ruler of the largest empire ever known. This guy literally took no prisoners. If old Genghis came to your town you could expect a massacre of epic proportions. He was a pretty good father too. After his death in 1227, his sons took over the conquering and slaughtering. What a man!! Even though he was extremely busy, what with ruling the Mongols and massacring Eurasian villagers, he still took “family time” to teach his sons the business.genghis kahnI’m not saying that we should run around killing each other. I just think we need to take the bubble wrap off the kids…… at least let them do battle with a couple of germs..

Maybe we need to thin the herd and start over. I don’t really know.


If you’ll excuse me. I have to drive half a block to the store, hunt for dinner, drive home, throw it in the microwave, eat it with my silver spoon and then take a dump in my updated top of the line crapper.

What the hell happened to us?

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