Why Do I Have Three Balls?

External view of the scrotum.

I consider myself pretty lucky in life. We all have our ups and downs but some guys have it rough from the start. “At least my dad didn’t drive around town with a truck that said “Rogers and Son Port-A-Potty Service.” Wouldn’t that be terrific? Always knowing that when you grew up you would get to join dear old dad in the shit pumping business. Not for me thanks. Like I said I’m pretty lucky.

portable toilets

Some guys aren’t so lucky……

I remember in grade school a friend confided in me that he had three balls and his brother only had one. I would have been too embarrassed to admit that fact to anybody. I can’t imagine ever saying “hey mom, why do I have three balls?”

I think my three ball secret would have followed me into the grave.

I don’t even think the family doctor would have noticed my extra ball…… if I had one…… which I don’t!!  He had this strange smell about him that I now recognize as booze. I don’t think the good doctor could even see my scrotum, let alone analyze it’s ball content. Not to say that it’s small, which it isn’t!!

External view of the scrotum.

If I was an altar boy, I guess the priest would have noticed my extra ball. But I wasn’t, so he didn’t. I kind of figure that if I was an altar boy, I would have more secrets to keep than just my extra ball. Like I say, I’m pretty lucky.


The family with the ball problem ended up moving away that year so I can’t give you a status update. But they know who they are. They probably had to move on account of the fact that buddy couldn’t keep his mouth shut about the families ball count. I wonder if they ever made him give one to his brother just to even things out. I guess we’ll never know.

I think that would be fair, though……kind of like sharing toys if you think about it.

I just hope that they didn’t go to my doctor for the transfer.



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