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Why Do So Many Drugs Start With Z?


I try not to think very often, but lateley I’ve been wondering.  Why do so many drugs start with Z?

Zantac, Zaponex Zavedos, Zebinix, Zeffix Zemplar, Zestril, Zimovane Zoton, Zyban, Zyomet drugsZyvox,Zaditen,Zaleplon,Zamadol,Zanidip

I think it’s because so many diseases start with the letter A.

ADHD, Adenoids, Acoustic neuroma, Adrenal adenomas, Alcoholism, Allergy, Anaemia, Anthrax, Anxiety disorder, Arthritis, Asthma, Atopic eczema, Athlete’s foot

The letters M and N are in the middle of the alphabet.


alphabetLife is like the alphabet.  From the beginning of your life you start to develop ailments and sickness, that’s why a lot of disease names start with A .(True fact, look it up.)  

Towards the end of your life, you try any medications to keep you going. That’s why med names start with a Z.  

The middle letters of the alphabet are M and N and words that begin with those two letters represent your life. Meaningless, messy, misunderstood and full of nothingness.

Conclusion:  From the time you are born you start to die. Your life is meaningless and drugs won’t help.

This has been an inspirational message from I Am Don Rogers.

Please comment below.  Thanks, Don

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